Cheeky Toppers

Get inspiration on exactly what you could top your cheeky cheese with! We'd love to see your creations online with #cheekycheeseuk

The Jallen

The inspiration for Cheeky Cheese, the Jallen is a must have for any burger lover. Your typical burger (mayo, lettuce, ketchup, onions, tomato) topped with softened Cheeky Cheese, streaky bacon, and caramelized onions, you’ll be wishing your last bite never came!

*To try the “real Jallen,” visit the Fox and Vivian pub in Leamington Spa, and see what all the fuss is about.

Cheeky Cheese Toastie

Molten Cheeky Cheese oozing its way between two slices of farm house bread is something so simple but delicious for an afternoon snack or sharing meal for family and friends at parties or to indulge in on your own! Try it with some fresh grapes to sweeten the experience

Redneck fries

Fries topped with Cheeky Cheese are indulgent by nature. A decadent side that everyone will fight over! Top cooked fries with Cheeky Cheese and put in low heat oven to soften the cheese.

Cheese Dip

American style Mexican food is something that the UK is definitely missing out on…especially cheese dip! To make up for the lack of “cheese dip,” melt Cheeky Cheese! Cheeky Cheese dip is perfect for nachos, but also great on tacos, quesadillas and fajitas alike. The cheekier the idea, the better.

To make - soften Cheeky Cheese with a touch of cream on the stove top (but not totally melted), and pour over desired dish. Voila, Mexican night made easy!

Cheese Board

Paired with sea salt and black pepper crackers, and a good bottle wine, your tub of Cheeky Cheese will be gone before you know it! Even cheekier we suggest adding a side of red pepper jelly or your favorite chutney.

The Ultimate Jacket

Who doesn’t love a stuffed jacket potato? A jacket with Cheeky Cheese is the ultimate form a comfort! It can be as simple as a dollop of Cheeky Cheese and butter, or dress it up with some crumbled streaky bacon, spring onions, and sour cream, maybe even a bit of sriracha sauce if you’re daring.

*Side note - for the best crumbly bacon, bake it! It crisps better and is much easier on clean up. This can be done a day in advance if necessary.

Bake at 200 degrees C for 20-25 minutes, or until at desired crispiness