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Jane grew up in the kitchen — a place she always loved as she watched and learned from her mother, a caterer in Savannah, Georgia. Needless to say, after helping her mother for several years, Jane became an avid cook. When she and her husband, Allen, moved to Atlanta, Jane constantly looked for excuses to invite over friends so that she could test out her latest recipes.

The most important of these was, of course, her homemade pimento cheese, which quickly became a crowd favourite with routine requests for more. Jane is no novice at making pimento cheese either, after making this American staple for years for all types of occasions — even for her wedding!

Known as the caviar of the South, Pimento cheese is a staple of a ‘Southerner’s’ diet in America and is consumed in a variety of ways — perfect in sandwiches, on crackers, jacket potatoes and Jane’s personal favourite: 


Not even a year into married life, Jane and Allen, and their two fur babies Wilson and Oscar, found out they would be moving to England for Allen’s career. The news was exhilarating, but also daunting as it meant they would be leaving behind many of the comforts of home.

Not knowing a soul, they quickly found solace in their local pub, The Fox and Vivian, which just so happened to serve the best burgers in the area. Luckily for Jane and Allen, known together now as “Jallen,” the owners, staff and regular patrons made the pair feel right at home. While the food at the Fox is exceptional, for Jane, there was one ingredient that was missing —pimento cheese.

One night, Jane made a cheeky request to the pub’s owner and chef. If she made a batch of her pimento cheese, could he try it out on one of his burgers? He invited Jane to bring samples, and with that Jane made her way into the kitchen with her homemade pimento cheese recipe in hand. The very next day the owner had Jane’s pimento cheese atop a burger on the menu. Two years later, Jane’s Cheeky request is now the pub’s best-selling burger: the Jallen.

But why stop there? After countless demands from her English friends and co-workers for her delicious cheese, Jane decided it was high time to chase her dreams and launch her pimento cheese to the public. A never-before-seen product to the UK market, Cheeky Cheese, the Pimento Cheese, is sure to become a fast staple in every kitchen.